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Post Construction Cleaning| Ventura County

Getting a home, office, or building completely cleaned and ready to be occupied is one of the most tedious aspects of any construction or remodel project. Every project is different, but if your crew has been installing drywall, doing tile work, framing, installing windows, painting, or doing any other range of remodeling and new construction, debris inevitably accumulates throughout each space that’s been worked in. Dirt and debris can be found dispersed throughout any common remodeling project and generally includes dirt, stains, footprints, assorted marks, finger and footprints, spent materials packaging, paint overspray, and various marks and blemishes on surfaces and sidings. This isn’t because workers are being careless, it’s just that when crews are working hard on projects it’s not possible to clean up after every task. All of the construction work itself is completed, but the general condition of the space is disheveled and unfinished. Every space needs to be detailed before it can be handed off to the new property manager or tenants.

Who’s Responsible For Final Cleaning On The Project?

Exactly who is responsible for this detailing work is often a question that is up in the air. Many subcontractors try to clean as they go to minimize the amount of post construction cleaning that will get passed on to the next party, but there is inevitably quite a bit of debris and tarnishing to remove. This isn’t a result of carelessness on the part of any worker or contractor. For example, if a painting company is hired to touch up various substrates, repair crown moldings, mend holes, clean out soft or deteriorated wood, and then paint each surface, they’re going to bring in various supplies and materials to complete their work. This leaves behind debris which tends to find it’s way throughout the space. The mess is exacerbated further if there are several groups of contractors working on the site simultaneously. When there is a lot of activity on a site, each craftsmen has to make sure to leave space for others to operate, and this results in them focusing on their specific task at hand, completing it as soon as possible, and then getting out of the way for the next craftsmen to perform their task.

Let The Craftsmen Focus On Their Craft

Since specialists are generally under tight time schedules set by the general contractor, they need to complete their work as quick as possible, and in many cases this doesn’t leave time for detailing work. Also keep in mind, that carpenters, electricians, and plumbers are all highly skilled tradesmen being paid handsome hourly fees for their work - rightfully so. That said, a general contractor typically won’t want to be paying a specialist tradesmen their high hourly rate to spend a few hours or days polishing surfaces, buffing areas, and turning the space into a finished product. This is also isn’t their area of expertise. It makes logistical and financial sense for everyone involved to let the specialist to get in, focus on doing the best work possible at their specific task, and then be done with their work. This allows the general contractor and ultimately the property owner to keep costs low, and it allows the tradesmen to move on to their next project.

Assorted Tradesmen Leave Various and Diverse Debris

Over the course of a construction project, with dozens of tradesmen coming in and out and performing a variety of construction tasks, the debris accumulates in various places and piles up. Carpet gets marked up even if it’s well covered, fixtures and hardware get tarnished, mirrors become opaque with dust and oils, tiles and hard floors become blemished, natural wood looks dull, and although everything is structurally sound, the project isn’t a polished and finished looking product ready for use. Once the final craftsmen are finished with their work, and all the inspectors have signed off, someone has to come in and make the space presentable and polished looking. This is where Kelly Cleaning’s Post Construction Cleaning service gives general contractors or property management a perfect solution.

Turn Your Tarnished Project Into A Finished Product

Our Post Construction Cleaning service brings in a crew who specializes in the full range of cleaning. Just like the plumber is the expert in all things related to pipes, and the carpenter is the expert in all things related to wood and lumber, Kelly Cleaning is the expert all things related to cleaning. You’ve brought in specialists to complete every other task on your project, it only makes sense to finish the job with cleaning experts. Our Post Construction Cleaning service essentially handles the cleaning of every indoor surface and feature from cleaning of floors, tiles, windows, carpets, walls, fixtures, detail features, natural wood, natural stone, and built in appliances. Every surface is cleaned in exacting detail, and we work closely with the general contractor who inspects and approves each feature and detail. Our Post Construction Cleaning service is the best solution for turning a newly completed construction or remodel project showing the tarnishing from assorted craft and trade work into a polished and pristine finished product.

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