Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning: Serving Ventura, Santa Clarita, and Santa Barbara County

We specialize in post construction cleaning, post renovation cleaning, and post remodel cleaning. We can handle all sized projects, from small private residences to very large scale commercial, industrial, educational, and governmental projects spanning many thousands of feet. We can deploy crews to handle any size project.

One of our fortes is high-end construction private projects where perfecting the final touch of cleaning, and handing off a flawless new home or building is critical. We do not simply clean the surface – we provide minute fine detailing of every surface. We pay attention to every detail small and large – from using HEPA filtered vacuums to trap airborne particles, to using microfiber cloths to protect delicate surfaces from scratching or marking.

We cover everything. This is detailing for your property, home, or space.

Every space needs to be detailed, beautified, and perfected before it can be handed off to the property owners, managers or tenants – that’s where we come in. We have invested in the best crews, equipment, and solutions to handle everything you need so you have peace of mind knowing the project is going to get well done.

Yes, we have all the credentials and qualifications you need from a cleaning service

We are an extremely respected professional cleaning service with over 40 years experience taking care of clients in the areas of Ventura County, Santa Barbara, and Santa Clarita. We have everything you will need from a cleaning service including:

How we produce a beautiful, clean, spotless final result

We are VERY METICULOUS in our approach to post construction and post remodel cleaning. Great attention and care is given to each room, each surface, and all areas of the project – both visible and not visible. All jobs are completed on schedule with enough personnel so they are not done in a hurry. Lesser cleaning services leave behind fingerprints, footprints, streaks, and other evidence from their shoddy work. We clean, beautify, and perfect every room, wall, floor, surface, and fixture on the site.

We address the fine details other post construction cleaning services don’t

Our experienced technicians give special care to delicate or difficult to clean areas. We can clean everything from skylights and difficult to access windows (carefully protecting them from damage – no scratching), to hidden crevasses. We detail everything and will pass the white glove test.

We put the magic touch on every surface

We clean your project site with near surgical precision – including:

What we clean during post construction, post remodel, and post renovation cleaning

We triple check every area including

After performing final clean up on thousands of projects, we know exactly what to look for, we know what kinds of things construction crews, electricians, plumbers, and painters tend to leave behind. We put the magic touch on every surface and leave the space looking like a showroom, ready to show off to clients or to hand off to new owners.

Post Construction Cleaning by Kelly Cleaning

When you are completing an important construction or remodel project, and you need peace of mind knowing the project site is going to be impeccably polished, you need a cleaning service that specializes in perfection.
“We specialize in all things “cleaning”. After hiring the best of the best for every step of your project, it only makes sense to finish it off with the masters of cleaning.”

Have a need for post construction or post remodel construction cleaning services?

Kelly Cleaning & Supplies offers professional janitorial services and specialized commercial cleaning in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties with satisfaction guaranteed.
Kelly Cleaning & Supplies offers professional janitorial services and specialized commercial cleaning in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties with satisfaction guaranteed.