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Kelly Cleaning provides professional janitorial services, commercial cleaning, air duct cleaning, medical facility cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, natural stone cleaning, and other assorted cleaning services to customers in Ventura County. Our cleaning staff is highly experienced and enjoys completing each project at the highest level of quality. On each project, we focus on cleaning down to the finest detail, following any special instructions from the customer, and always leaving each job amazingly clean. We love when things are perfectly clean, and we insist on getting each job perfect, which we why we have our own line of specially made cleaning products at the Kelly Tech Center.

Between quality focused staff, environmentally safe custom cleaning products, and an arsenal of equipment to handle any task, we're the best resource in Ventura County for all your janitorial, commercial cleaning, and specialty cleaning needs. We guarantee quality on every service we provide, and we've served thousands of satisfied customers in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Request a free quote for any cleaning service.

Air duct cleaning - breathe clean air in your home

Whether you're a first time customer or an existing client, contact us today and schedule an air duct cleaning to receive $45 any duct cleaning service.

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Hassle-free Professional Cleaning for your Business

For many businesses, using a dedicated cleaning service like Kelly Cleaning provides so many benefits and advantages. When you use our cleaning services, you never need to dedicate your company's resources towards hiring, training, or management of cleaning staff, you're alleviated of any worker's comp or payroll taxes, you never have to purchase or stock any cleaning products and equipment, and there's no need to coordinate maintenance and repair. Using our service also gives you the expertise that comes from decades of professional cleaning. When you use Kelly Cleaning you're always receiving the best possible work. We also provide a comprehensive set of cleaning and maintenance work, allowing you package numerous services together for fantastic cost savings. Our goal is to provide great services and to become an important part of your company's operation for years to come. We’re the affordable, no-hassle option in Ventura that lets you and your staff spend your valuable time on the things you do best .

Certified Green Cleaning in Ventura


Green Seal Certified At Kelly Cleaning,
we believe that working toward a cleaner environment is our responsibility!

Our goal is to use and sell products that can be used safely in your home or workplace for a long time with little or no negative impact to you or your surroundings. We stock cleaning products that have no scent, no artificial coloring, and when flushed down a drain, won’t kill anything. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products helps reduce your household's impact, and as a professional cleaning company serving thousands of customers, having Green Seal Certified products allows us to reduce out environmental impact drastically. All products are subjected to rigorous testing and strict evaluation before being used on our cleaning projects or sold to the public. There are other cleaning companies in Ventura County, but having a dedicated line of cleaning products is helps establish us as the premier provider of commercial cleaning.


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Kelly Cleaning is awesome.

They are so consistent in their quality and are super reliable, and check in regularly to get performance feedback from you. Would definitely recommend.

Ashley Gwaltney

Jeremy did an awesome job of steam cleaning my carpet. He has an excellent attitude as well. Highly recommend.

Dipen Pujara
Tech did an amazing job at cleaning my carpets.

I have 4 boys and the carpets can get pretty bad really fast. So to keep our home as germ free as possible I like to get my carpets done every three months. A side from the tech the phone customer service was excellent! The girl was very sweet and professional she answered all my questions. I highly recommend this company.

Sylvia Cortez