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Industrial Pressure Washing

Industrial Pressure Washing

Industrial pressure washing is a dynamic cleaning solution that can make your home or business look like new again. Pressure washing will improve the appearance of many types of surfaces at a fraction of the cost to replace or refinish them.

Remove dirt, pollution, mildew
and other signs of neglect from most types of surfaces.

Specially-designed pumps spray a hundred times more powerfully than a garden hose while saving a significant amount of water in the process. Hot or cold water can be used. The pressure from the water quickly removes unsightly mold, moss, algae, grease, gum, pollution, fuel emission residue and any graying and fatigued appearance leaving the surface ready to be resealed. Not only is it good for wood, but it also prepares most types of surfaces to be repainted, refinished or repaired while restoring their original appearance.

Our experienced technicians have been serving Ventura and Santa Barbara counties since 1978. We specialize in industrial pressure washing, steam cleaning, fleet and heavy equipment washing. Kelly Cleaning-trained professionals have your total satisfaction in mind at all times. All precautions and safety steps are taken to insure that every job is a supervised and safe job.

Industrial Pressure Washing Ventura

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