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Air Duct Cleaning At Ojai Public Works Headquarters

On Saturday, July 11, Kelly Cleaning of Ventura County was able to help the City of Ojai and clean out the air duct system at the Public Works office, staff building and City Hall. Everything went smoothly with the air duct cleaning. Other than the vents being very dirty, there was nothing out of the ordinary with the ventilation system.

Clean Air Ducts Prevent Health Hazards

Air duct cleaning can remove dust and mold spores from a building’s ventilation system. Allergens, fungus, mildew, and bacteria can reside in your home or office’s air duct system. These particles are circulated through the air duct and contaminate the air. If a building has recently experienced a mold issue, or some other unhealthy issue has been dealt with, then an air duct cleaning is highly recommended to ensure that the problem has been completely eradicated and that it doesn’t resurface.

Air Duct Prior to Cleaning

Dirty Air Duct

Video Air Duct Inspection

We have the capability to inspect an air duct system with our video camera system. The air duct video system is ran through the air duct to check for any blockage or systematic problems. This may also provide some indication of what type of contaminants may exist in the air duct and allows us to make any necessary cleaning preparations.

Two-Day Air Duct Cleaning Procedure

With everything cleared, we were able to get underway on this 2 day job. Our rotobrush system was able to take on the built up dirt inside the vents that has accumulated over time inside the ventilation system. This amount of built up dirt is average and normal for this size of a building. Our crew was able to clean and sanitize the registers while deep cleaning the source of the air supply. Our rotobrush system allows us to vacuum the air ducts to remove contaminates from the interior duct. To go along with the cleaning we used a sanitizing fogger to finish the job killing off bacteria and allergens within the system.

Air Duct – Post Cleaning

Newly Cleaned Air Duct

Always change your filters every 3-4 months.

The Ojai Public Works Headquarters is now clear and won’t require another visit from us for at least two years. The frequency of air duct cleaning may vary depending on the activity occurring in the building. Manufacturing facilities may accumulate debris and dirt in their air duct much faster depending on the activity inside the building.

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