Air ducts are made to constantly experience traffic from air, dust, dirt, and debris. A significant portion of the material passing through air ducts are actually pollutants that may affect the quality of the air circulating the space. Whether we like it or not, all fixtures are susceptible to wear and tear. Maintaining your air ducts is thus of vital importance, not only in an effort to maintain hygiene at a desired level but also to maximise the return on your investment. But how do you know when air duct cleaning is necessary?

These are some of the signs that denote a severe issue in your air ducts’ performance:

  • It’s been more than 3 years since your air ducts were last cleaned. It’s generally recommended that your air ducts are cleaned every 1 to 3 years. If it’s been longer than 3 years, you’re overdue!
  • Evidence of infestation by rodents and insects. This is a good indicator generally because it indicates it’s been too long since the last duct cleaning.
  • Observation of unpleasant odors from the ducts and the general air in the house or office.
  • Frequent respiratory illnesses among family members ( and especially young children)
  • Air duct is either occasionally or permanently moist due to water damage
  • Detection of microbial growth on the surface such as molds and mildew
  • Restricted air flow due to a buildup of debris
  • Blocked ductwork/registers caused by dust and things such as cobwebs or other particles

But why is it that important to clean my air ducts and how exactly does it happen?

Even in times of ordinary functioning, dust can easily gather in ventilation work that directly favors microbial development. Air duct cleaning has been proved to lessen this effect, and also to expand the overall effectiveness of the ventilation system. In fact, it can expand performance as much as 55 percent in cases of extreme contamination.

A competent professional will assess every air channel and open all entrance boards. When the technician ascertains that cleaning is needed, the relevant cleaning gear will be assembled to address the cleaning needs, including brushes and vacuum hardware uniquely intended to evacuate contaminants in the ventilation tract. In addition to cleaning supply channels, return pipes, air vents, and diffusers, the framework should experience routine cleaning and upkeep as well. Tending to framework parts, for example, the heat exchanger, cleaning coils and housings for the motor. This guarantees careful cleaning results and in addition ensures the smooth and effective operation of the ducts. In all instances of air duct cleaning, it is likewise important to address the wellspring of the dirty air pipe to forestall repeat, including dampness, water, dust, insects and rodents control and other contaminants. To reduce the need for air duct cleaning, routine activities such as checking the air filter on a regular basis would help identify the contaminants at an early stage.

How safe is air duct cleaning?

For safety reasons, air channel cleaning must be performed when a house is completely vacant, for example, evenings and weekends. Unique hardware is utilized for the improvement of the air quality in the home, including channels, ventilation gear, obstruction tools, and many more.

Is it sensible to do it myself?

An important point we need to note is that one should safeguard their family home or office by picking a legitimate air channel cleaning organization. The work must always be carried out by registered National Air Duct Cleaning Association professionals just like Kelly Clean in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties – some of the best cleaning solution providers in the area since 1978. If you think your air ducts face one or more of the above issues, give us a call at (805) 232-7003 now and one of our experts will provide you with a free estimate.