You are currently viewing Office Cleaning: What Tasks Are Involved in a Commercial Office Cleaning Service?

Keeping your office clean and presentable comes with many benefits. A clean workspace makes a positive first impression, boosts morale, and helps control the spread of illness – all necessary factors when it comes to the heart of your business.

Of course, regular upkeep can be time consuming. That’s why so many businesses turn to commercial cleaning services like Kelly Cleaning. With 40 years’ experience in commercial cleaning, we can take care of all your office cleaning needs, no matter how big or small.

Are you curious about what our office cleaning services include?

Below are some examples of major areas of any office that will benefit from a professional cleaning service.


Floors are an often overlooked area of any business or home, but having an immaculately cleaned floor often creates the greatest visual impact of any cleaning task. A clean and beautiful floor exudes cleanliness, feels great to walk on, and removes dust, dander, dirt, debris, hair, and residues that collect on the floor. We’ve carefully developed a cleaning process to keep floors clean and attractive.

For carpets we never use shampoos or detergents. Carefully chosen environmentally safe cleaning chemicals are used to lift dirt and stains from carpets. This leaves carpets looking beautiful for months, and carpets will not be prone to becoming dirty quickly as a result of foot traffic. All dirt and chemicals are thoroughly rinsed out of the carpet leaving it clean, clear, and safe for children and pets.

For homes or offices with area rugs, we have a special cleaning process. Area rugs can be brought back to our plant where each rug is carefully treated according to the materials used to weave the rug. We see rugs woven from silk, cotton, wool, rayon, and more. It’s also common – particularly for authentic styled Persian rugs and other old world rugs – for the foundation to be woven using one material like wool, and for the top pile to be woven using another material like silk or cotton. We understand how to protect your investment and beautify your rug while preserving the original quality of its texture and construction.


Office bathrooms can make or break a great first impression for your clients and customers. They also happen to be where germs and bacteria flourish. Keeping your bathrooms clean, down to a microscopic level, is therefore a top priority. A professional cleaning service will thoroughly clean and sanitize every inch of office bathrooms, from the ceilings to the grout.


Dust accumulates rapidly in an office. It’s not only unsightly; it also contributes to indoor air pollution and creates problems for those with allergies and asthma. A commercial cleaning service knows all the nooks and crannies where dust likes to hide; think phone buttons, vent covers, windowsills, wall décor, air vents, baseboards, and so on.


Glass is prone to ugly smudges and fingerprints that blemish your office’s appearance. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, special attention is paid to washing glass surfaces like windows and doors to ensure a clean, streak-free surface. Having clean and clear windows will let in more natural light from outside, too, which is never a bad thing.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you need everyday maintenance or a deep clean, a commercial cleaning service will keep your office in tip-top shape. A spotless office environment goes a long way in making a good first impression, which is why Kelly Cleaning offers cleaning services to suit all needs.

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly scheduling options for a wide variety of cleaning services. We also pride ourselves on using scent-free green cleaning products to minimize any environmental impact. For more information, contact us or request a quote today.