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Window Cleaning seems like such a simple process. It seems like it could be as simple as grabbing some Windex, spraying, and wiping. But the complexity of making windows and any glass look great goes much further than a simple spray and wipe. No, what many underestimate is the time needed to make sure that every detail is thought of when window cleaning. This is where Kelly Cleaning excels!

Window Cleaning

All of our technicians have gone through window cleaning and skylight cleaning training courses to make sure that no errors are made. Kelly Cleaning makes sure that we cover each detail until perfection. Because it’s not only the windows that we are cleaning, it is all of what surrounds the glass or window that will make a huge difference. Glass cleaning is the glory portion and most satisfying, but cleaning frames, mullions, edging, shutters, blinds, and the surrounding walls is where most of the detail work originates.

Kelly Cleaning makes sure that we cover each detail until perfection.

Window Cleaning Service

In post construction clean up we will see many things gummed up on windows and frames; everything from paint splatters to concrete particles can be plastered onto the area making it a chore to clean. In-office and home window cleaning jobs, we notice things such as dead insects, finger smudges, dust, and debris on windows and frames. That’s where our technicians make light work of it with the knowledge, tools, and skills of the trade that is window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Work By Kellyclean

Our technicians have been trained to have an eye out for any sort of defect in windows or frames and they will notify owners or construction foremen of these situations. They have also been taught to be careful of the surrounding areas where precious materials could be damaged by their work.
If you are interested in having window cleaning or skylight cleaning services, please contact Kelly Cleaning! Contact us at (805) 644-5308 or email us at for a free estimate!

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