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The entire staff of Kelly Cleaning is ecstatic to welcome to our clan four schools regulated by the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools. These are special schools for children and young adults that have disabilities. Our cleaners have gladly taken up the gauntlet to maintain these schools in the manner they ought to have.

More time and energy will be imparted by our cleaners in order to keep up the standards we of Kelly Cleaning have pledged and that’s no Blarney. Shorn the schools are treasured by wee ones more than a pot o’ gold and our Kelly clan recognizes that. So let’s give a big cheer of welcome to: Triggs in Thousand Oaks, Boswell in Ventura, Dwire in Oxnard, and Foster in Oxnard. By now all the schools should be feeling fit as a fiddler in their freshly cleaned buildings.