On July 29th, we were asked to clean several area rugs and Persian rugs for a customer in Ventura. We provide professional rug cleaning in Ventura for a large variety of area rugs, whether they are oriental, Persian, natural fiber, Berber, Kazak, Kilim, hand knotted and many more. We have been caring for contemporary and antique rugs for over 35 years, and have developed a cleaning technique which consistently restores rugs to like new condition. Most fine rugs are constructed using combinations of wool, silk, and cotton. The mix of fabrics and the unique construction technique makes many rugs sensitive to moisture, synthetic cleaning agents, and wear and tear. Some of our clients have invested substantially in their rugs, therefore the main priority for each rug cleaning project is to protect the integrity, fabric, and fibers of the rug. We handle each rug with extreme care, and we use gentle cleaning agents that will not damage the materials. Each rug also receives a unique cleaning procedure depending on the fabrics used for the top and base material of the rug, ensuring that the best cleaning method is used on every rug.

Delicate Rug Cleaning

The fringe on the rugs are always hand cleaned to ensure they are not damaged and and are brought back to their original color. The fringe of most rugs is very delicate and this is commonly damaged by people who try to clean their own rugs. Using a professional rug cleaning service like Kelly Cleaning ensures that your rug is protected. We use a special cleaning wand to get dirt and grime that is lying within the rug. Once that is finished we will inspect the rug to make sure it is perfectly cleaned. If the process above doesn’t remove an odor to our satisfaction the rug will be installed in a specially crafted ozone container that eliminates all odors. We use our own specifically manufactured chemicals to clean the rugs and they are always left with a fresh smelling scent.

Protect Your Investment With Professional Rug Cleaning

Most people think that vacuuming is enough to keep their carpets and rugs clean. This is not the case. Keep in mind that your rug was likely manufactured to very high standards with costly materials, and it’s important to protect your investment with periodic professional cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers suggest a carpet to be professionally cleaned every 12-24 months to maintain its warranty. Carpets and rugs carry a lot of dust from the outside world and stores it within its threads. Vacuuming is only able to remove the large particles are on the surface. To remove deeply embedded invisible dust and dirt, a professional cleaning is necessary. If you have allergies you will realize how much dirt was residing in the rug after it’s cleaned because you will breathe easier and be less agitated, especially if you live in a smaller home or have many rugs. Having your rugs and carpet cleaned routinely will increase their lifespan and keep them looking beautiful. Well cared for rugs can actually increase in value over time, especially if they come from a noted rug manufacturer.