Stone & Tile Restoration & Maintenance

Bring Back the Beauty

... and protect your investment

Foot traffic, spills, acidic cleaners, and daily wear take their toll. Kelly Cleaning has the expertise to safely clean, polish, repair and protect natural stone, terrazzo, tile and grout and concrete. Kitchens, baths, reception areas, indoor and outdoor – we do it all.

Craftsmanship Combined with Modern Techniques

Even the timeless beauty of natural stone surfaces can lose their luster and show signs of damage and wear. People often assume stone is “stain-proof,” however, all stone is porous to some degree. If natural stone is not properly treated with a protective sealer, water, oils or other liquids can easily penetrate the stone, leaving stains. With the use of advanced technology, Kelly Cleaning professionals use protective sealers that penetrate all types of stone, leaving an invisible seal to guard against the toughest stains.


  • Even the toughest cleaning jobs on natural stone are made easy with our specially formulated Kelly Cleaning solutions. We gently remove stubborn grease and soils with advanced, grease cutting technology – guaranteed safe for all types of natural stone, masonry, ceramic tile porcelain tile and grout.


  • Using the best repair practices available today we will fix chips and cracks, remove stains, level uneven tiles, and seal stone and concrete to erase years of use. Depending on the damage, we use grinding and honing, polishing, and sealing techniques to “bring back the beauty”.


  • Following our cleaning and repair, you’ll be delighted with the look of your stone, tile or concrete and have the peace of mind that our treatments will protect it from future scratches and wear.

When you choose Kelly Cleaning for specialty maintenance of your stone and tile surfaces, you’ll be preventing the need for more expensive restoration or replacement projects in the future.

Count on our highly trained professionals with all of the stone, terrazzo, tile and concrete in your home and office.

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