Now that the personal incarceration is lightening up, you and your family are able to get out of the house more. You can now see how the lockdown was not only devastating to you and your family but on your house too.

It wasn’t just the kids that spilled food, you and your spouse, the dog, cat and birdie are culprits also. The scratches on your hardwood floors from animal toenails and chairs being dragged are horrific. The greasy buttered popcorn stain on the recliner isn’t very pretty either. The area rug under the coffee table has a mysterious stain that none of the inmates are fessing up to.

You need to let Kelly bail your house out. In homage to what we all have gone through; you deserve a break. Kelly is offering a one-time only, unprecedented offer of 30% off any one of our services. This 30% off is to reward you for hanging in there during this miserable trying time. We are proud of you for doing what was necessary to help all those associated with you, and we are so very happy to still be in business.

Surviving this confinement warrants a celebration. Cleanse, deodorize and disinfect your house and feel the freedom.

Call 805 644-6308 today to start the ball and chain rolling for your liberation.