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Is Solar Panel Cleaning Worth it in California?

When discussing solar panel cleaning, the average owner of solar panels will say that it is not worth getting your solar panels cleaned. This is mainly due to the fact that rain does a decent job of removing some dirt and debris from your panels.

Now, I ask you Ventura County, when was the last time that we had a day of solid rain? Not the kind of rain that makes your car look blotchy because the dirt pooled up and then dried shortly after. A study published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews found that the dust accumulated on solar panels affects the overall amount of energy created by the solar panels on a daily through annual basis.

Places on the East coast that receive a much higher amount of rainfall per year see an average of 1% degradation of power due to dust and debris, with the highest reaching 4.7%. In Southern California and especially Ventura County, not only do we see a worse average degradation of power but we also see higher degradation of powers up to 6.2%.

The 6.2% degradation over each panel will accumulate to greater losses in energy production and a greater loss in potential money saved. Having your solar panel cleaning in Ventura done by companies like Kelly Cleaning will ensure that you are making the most out of your solar panels.

With California and Ventura County’s seemingly annual drought and sadly more than common wildfire, these factors play a role in your potential energy production. We recommend that you clean your panels yearly in order to reset your panels to from-factory levels of production. 

Go look at your solar panels or see your monthly energy production to see if there is a difference from when you first had them installed. If you need solar panel cleaning in Ventura or if you are ever in doubt Kelly Cleaning will visit your location and recommend the best cleaning solution for your panels.

Michael HeldMichael Held
22:06 07 Oct 22
A huge thank you to Carlos and Omar from Kelly that did the best job ever cleaning my carpet. They were very informative, professional and polite as well.....thank you.
Edyn Fisher PeakesEdyn Fisher Peakes
18:17 19 Sep 22
The Kelly Cleaning team did an amazing job with our house that was under a major remodel. They showed up on time and were done so quick! We are very happy with their services, cleaning and excellent customer service. we will recommend Kelly Cleaning to everyone! And we will be using them again once our outside construction is done! Use them, you won't be dissapointed!
Fran VigneFran Vigne
18:07 29 Aug 22
Omar did a great job. He is polite, hardworking, punctual, respectful and responsible. Thank you, Omar.
Annette CuiltyAnnette Cuilty
22:24 26 Aug 22
I called Kelly Cleaning Service to clean my dryer vent, Antonio and Omar came out the next day. They were both friendly, efficient and professional and explained everything in detail. 100% satisfied with their service! I recommend asking for Antonio and Omar when scheduling service with Kelly.
Kevin VanAckerKevin VanAcker
21:43 19 Aug 22
We always use Kelly Cleaning for our post construction cleaning. They show up on schedule and have the workforce to complete every job to complete satisfaction. Clients are always extremely pleased with the work they perform.
Kelly Cleaning & Supplies offers professional janitorial services and specialized commercial cleaning in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties with satisfaction guaranteed.
Kelly Cleaning & Supplies offers professional janitorial services and specialized commercial cleaning in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties with satisfaction guaranteed.

Window Cleaning Service

Elite service offered throughout Ventura County and Santa Barbara | Kelly Cleaning

There are many things that go into making a space look and feel clean. One of the major areas that Kelly Cleaning considers to be essential to creating the sanitary and pristine environment is clean windows along with Floor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning. Many think that window cleaning is an easy task and that not much thought should be put into it, but on the contrary it seems to have a great link to overall cleanliness of a space.