Floor Cleaning Ojai

With Summer comes warm weather and with warm weather comes outdoor activities. As fun as it is to spend a warm summer evening outdoors with friends and family, it’s not fun to have to clean months of dirt and debris that has settled onto your outdoor area. Luckily, Kelly Cleaning is here to help you get outside fun without the hassle!

Recently we performed outdoor patio cleaning and protection. Our lovely customer had wanted to rejuvenate and protect their saltillo tile from the harsh elements. In our service we performed a deep cleaning of the floor and grout, making sure to remove all remnants of dirt from the grout and the tile before sealing the floors with a waterproof sealer. This will allow for easier cleaning as well as ease of mind that your floors are protected.

Although there are many debates on whether or not to seal saltillo floors due to aesthetic preferences, it is possible to clean unsealed saltillo floors. So if you are in need of cleaning your unsealed tile, look no further than having Kelly Cleaning clean your tile! Our experienced technicians can clean any flooring and we can protect your tiles if you so choose!

Please, give us a call at (805) 644-5308 or email us at KellyCleaning@KellyClean.net if you have any questions on floor or tile cleaning! To see our other services, visit our service site at https://www.kellyclean.net/our-services/.

Also check out the video our technicians created! They are so proud of the work that they do! 🙂

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