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With the installation of a tile floor, there are some things you should consider before making an investment.

In the case of Saltillo tile flooring, there are some ways that you could care for your tile. Saltillo floor is quite versatile as it can be used in its most rustic form with no wax sealer or protectant on it, or it can be waxed, which preserves the color but also means that the tile would be shiny. Although we personally love the look and feel of Saltillo tile under our feet, anything that is spilled or dropped, whether it be food, drink, or even water, will show up as a stain on your tile.

In a recent job, our Kelly Technicians took this tile floor and did an amazing job.

The Kelly Technicians stripped the tile down to its base coat and color, which can appear white, especially if the floor has been previously waxed. This was a necessary process to get to where we wanted; if we had placed more wax over the top coat, the tile would have an awkward refracted look that would have not been ideal.

After the technicians stripped the tile down, they carefully cleaned the grout with grout cleaning brushes and a gentle cleaning chemical.

Once the tile and grout was free of any dirt, debris, or any other source of contamination, the Kelly Technicians coated each tile with a tile stain using cloths and applicators, by hand. This process was the major factor in transforming the white-ish looking tile into the rich and delicious-looking tile we see in the pictures. The next step was to make sure that we protected the stain finish, which was done by putting a thin and even layer of sealer over the tile. This will make the tile easier to clean while retaining its rich, lustrous, and vibrant look.

Here are some pictures, in order, of what the process Kelly Cleaning & Supplies, Inc. does to make your floors look good.