You are currently viewing Periodically our company meets together for our employee forum and luncheon.

This is a lighthearted working lunch which allows our cleaning techs, office staff, and patrons to gather together to discuss any work related issues, concerns, or problems. We feel that it’s important to provide an opportunity for everyone to express their experiences in a consequence free environment. This lets everyone feel that they have a valuable, significant voice in our company, and it really does help us raise the quality of our cleaning services. We sincerely take the services we provide very seriously, and creating an atmosphere of close communication is an important part of ensuring we provide the best quality cleaning services in Ventura County.

At our most recent employee forum and luncheon there discussion about how to set up jobs more efficiently, various safety issues, and how everyone can work as a team to ensure an extremely high level of quality and consistency across all jobs. The input from all the employees is very helpful and keeps the company running smoothly, efficiently, and with a happy staff.

New cleaning chemicals and new state of the art equipment were demonstrated, and everyone had a chance to discuss how these tools might enhance our cleaning services or possibly make certain cleaning tasks more difficult. The casual customer is unlikely to be aware of all the work and details that are required to provide a high caliber of services, but it’s very interesting to see all of the training, planning, and energy that goes into our services. We don’t adopt every new cleaning agent or piece of equipment unless we can clearly demonstrate that it will ultimately provide our customers with a higher level and/or better value of cleaning services. This is important, because it shows customers that we’ve considered every possibility and have carefully chosen the procedures, agents, and equipment that we use because it provides the best quality cleaning results.

Lunch was tasty tri-tip, chicken, potato salad, beans, nopales and chicharones, and fantastic moist, delicious brownies. Not a morsel was leftover and all left the forum with big smiles on their faces. It’s important to us that our employees are happy, genuinely enjoy being part of our team, and are motivated and inspired to continuously perform the best possible work.