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We provide professional air duct cleaning in Ventura County and the surrounding areas. Using the RotoBrush air duct cleaning system, we’re able to eradicate airborne contaminants leaving virtually contaminant-free air in your home or building. Or worse yet, it can be more polluted than the outside air that you breathe on the daily! This advanced air duct cleaning method is the only technique that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact, which eliminates the use of environmentally-harsh chemicals. The RotoBrush cleans all types of air duct configurations including round ducts and square metal ducts, flex ducts and fiberboard ducts. The RotoBrush duct cleaning tool easily navigates the right-angle turns and multiple bends in most duct systems. If you’re hiring a company in Ventura to clear air ducts, it’s important that they’re able to show you they do indeed require air duct cleaning.

We use the Roto-Vision video inspection system to observe every corner and recessed area to show trouble spots during the RotoBrush application. This allows you to see the extent of dirt and debris in your air ducts, and it to verify that our cleaning job was done correctly.

The RotoBrush system uses vacuums with HEPA multi-level filtration systems to trap the dust and dirt particles and keep them from floating around in the air. During cleaning, particles in the air, dust and dander stay confined within the high-efficiency equipment.

Air Duct Cleaning - What You Need To Know

Many of our air duct or heater vent cleaning projects are for customers having these services performed in their home for the first time. Air duct cleaning is not a new concept, but the fact is that many people simply haven’t considered that ducts and vents may require periodic cleaning, and aren’t aware of how it can benefit indoor air quality. Because so many people are having ducts or vents cleaned for the first time, there are naturally many questions.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is a legitimate concern. The air inside your neighbor’s home may be significantly cleaner and healthier than the air in your home. You live next to each other, therefore the outdoor air quality is equal, so what causes indoor air quality to vary? In short, pollutants. Collections of dust, residual dirt, mildew growth, and deposits of mold are all materials which are known to irritate the way people breathe. These contaminants are circulated through central air systems. If you have allergies, asthma, or other ear nose and throat conditions, then you’re likely to be more sensitive to air quality issues in your home. Regardless of any existing breathing problems, everyone should make maintaining the cleanest possible air in their home a priority. Poor indoor air quality can cause you to experience headaches, colds, and viruses more frequently. Depending on the exact nature of the pollutants in your home, over time poor air quality can lead to more serious health concerns. There’s a lot to consider regarding indoor air quality issues, but there is consensus that cleaner air which is free of irritants is healthier and more comfortable than low quality air.

Signs Air Ducts May Need Cleaning

If you’re experiencing allergies or other breathing problems, that doesn’t necessarily signal that you have an indoor air quality issue, but if your home is perpetually stuffy, has dust that collects on surfaces like tables or shelves at an accelerated rate, or creates an uncomfortable sensation when you enter the home after being outside for a few hours, then this may signal there’s something in the home causing the quality of the air to deteriorate. Of course, if there’s an obvious contributing factor, such as one or more occupants smoking cigarettes in the home, stopping that activity is the best first step towards cleaning up the air in your home.
Michael HeldMichael Held
22:06 07 Oct 22
A huge thank you to Carlos and Omar from Kelly that did the best job ever cleaning my carpet. They were very informative, professional and polite as well.....thank you.
Edyn Fisher PeakesEdyn Fisher Peakes
18:17 19 Sep 22
The Kelly Cleaning team did an amazing job with our house that was under a major remodel. They showed up on time and were done so quick! We are very happy with their services, cleaning and excellent customer service. we will recommend Kelly Cleaning to everyone! And we will be using them again once our outside construction is done! Use them, you won't be dissapointed!
Fran VigneFran Vigne
18:07 29 Aug 22
Omar did a great job. He is polite, hardworking, punctual, respectful and responsible. Thank you, Omar.
Annette CuiltyAnnette Cuilty
22:24 26 Aug 22
I called Kelly Cleaning Service to clean my dryer vent, Antonio and Omar came out the next day. They were both friendly, efficient and professional and explained everything in detail. 100% satisfied with their service! I recommend asking for Antonio and Omar when scheduling service with Kelly.
Kevin VanAckerKevin VanAcker
21:43 19 Aug 22
We always use Kelly Cleaning for our post construction cleaning. They show up on schedule and have the workforce to complete every job to complete satisfaction. Clients are always extremely pleased with the work they perform.