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Vol. 8 Sept 10, 2021

Days at the Beach

With Summer coming closer to its end, what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than to go to the beach and enjoy the coastal breeze as it blows through your hair. Well, Kelly Cleaning was fortunate to have the opportunity to clean this beautiful seaside home.
This amazing home is located right off the highway and the only way to describe this home is pure luxury with sustainability in mind. Crown Pointe Estates built a luxury home that most people would think is just a fantasy home. The home builder thought of every detail in the house to provide the best living experience. But the living experience is just the beginning of how inspiring this home is.
This home is California’s first Zero Carbon Home. Being a zero carbon home means that during the building process, all materials, energy usage, fuel consumption, and any other type of carbon emission was recorded. This means that at the end of the building process, this home did not emit any carbon into our atmosphere. All appliances where fossil fuels are typically used have been replaced with electric appliances and renewable.
KELLY SOLUTIONS Days at the Beach

Sierge’s Solutions:


Sierge, my storefront has a glass door and metal blinds. Our customers keep leaving fingerprints on our glass and our metal blinds get so much dust on them; it’s beginning to become a hassle to clean these so often. What can I do to make my life easier? - Eric

Dia duit! Thank you for asking a question where I have to work my little gray cells.
You see lad, when you have a problem like this, turn to Kelly for your solution. We have the perfect solution for ye! Kleen N‘ Sheen will do wonders for your problems. Kleen N’ Sheen is a silicone-based polish that repels things such as fingerprints on glass and dust off of surfaces and has absoluely no build up. All you have to do is spray the solution onto a clean cloth and then evenly apply the solution to the surface. Afterwards, use a second cloth to shine the surface. If you want to remove this polish, any neutral general cleaner and cloth should do the trick
Come on in to the Kelly Tech Store to pick up a bottle of Kleen N’ Sheen!

Days at The Beach

energy sources such as solar.
But even luxurious, sustainable homes need to be cleaned just like any freshly constructed homes. We treat every construction cleanup, whether it’s a newly placed office building or a couple’s first home construction, as if it was a luxury home.
Kelly thinks of the future inhabitants of the building and how they feel when stepping into an immaculately clean space. We relish the feeling of new beginnings and many experiences.This is why Kelly Cleaning does such a wonderful job in our construction homes. Kelly Cleaning ensures that every detail is cleaned to perfection. Our Kelly Technicians have decades of combined experience and we can handle any challenge that newly constructed buildings might have. Not only is their experience commendable but more importantly is how the technicians do their work with a smile on their face.
Our Kelly Technicians are happy, friendly, and approachable. We have received countless compliments for how wonderful our technicians are in their professional performance and their amicable attitude.


Slainte (Shlon-che) = Cheers!


A $50 cash prize has been awarded to our “Cleaner of the Month,” Hilda Vargas!

Hilda has gone above and beyond in her line of duty at Oxnard’s Public Health Agency. She and her crew were on their hands and knees scrubbing a storage area. We can see the clean areas where she and her crew worked meticulously to clean the heavily used door. She received praise from the once crew that are now enjoying a “like new” door. Slainte to Hilda!


Failte (Fall-che) = Welcome!

This has been a very exciting several months for Kelly Cleaning. We are happy to welcome new members of our Kelly Office Staff. This month, we would like to introduce Zahira Isaac, customer solutions rep and office supervisor!

Product of the Month

Shorn N’ Begorn is September’s product of the month!
Shorn N’ Begorn is a Green neutral floor cleaner, but it’s also much more than just a regular floor cleaner. Shorn is a delightful lemony smelling floor cleaner that also has: optical brightening properties, disinfecting properties, and it’s great at removing scuff marks. This chemical is also a great product for cleaning enamel painted walls; it is able to safely remove stains and blotches without harming the paint.
Shorn is also a cost effective product! For every gallon of water all you need is 2 oz of chemical for dilution! One quart will be able to last you 16 different applications and 1 Gallon will give you over 60+ applications!
Visit our janitorial supply store where you can pick up a quart for $5.40 or a gallon for $11.75

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