Vol. 26 May 10, 2023


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Warehouse Cleaning in Ventura

Kelly Cleaning takes pride in all of our jobs that we perform. Whether it is a 1’x2’ synthetic rug cleaning to a 40,000 square foot warehouse cleaning, we always perform the task with nothing but the best quality of service in mind. Just recently, Kelly Cleaning was asked to clean a massive, 40,000 square foot warehouse!
This type of cleaning is not new to Kelly Cleaning. We perform these kinds of services for many of our clients. Our large scale cleaning services are not just limited to cleaning warehouse floors, no we provide services such as:

If you are in need of large scale cleaning services, look no further than Kelly Cleaning! We service all of the Ventura County and Santa Barbara area. Give us a call at (805) 288-6299 or email us at KellyCleaning@KellyClean.net

Sierge's Solutions

Dia Duit and may the road rise up to meet you! Me and my dog, Shamrock, had a wee incident the other day that consisted of running into an unsuspecting and startled skunk… Unfortunately, Shamrock and I were thoroughly doused in the horrendous odor. Luckily I had just the thing to get rid of the smell out of my kilt and off me wee pup!

Odorcide’s Skunk Off is a pet-safe effective deodorant that will make breathing easier with your nose not being attacked with stinky stenches. To get the smell off of your dog:
If you are using this product on a cat, then double your rinsing efforts as cats are natural groomers and lick themselves to keep clean. Although this is a safe product, if licked/consumed your animal might have symptoms of excessive drooling.
This product can also be used in your laundry machine if your clothes were hit by skunk spray. Just dilute the solution according to the bottle per load of laundry and you’ll be smelling great in no time. 
Pick up this product at the Kelly Tech Center at 2300 Knoll Dr. Suite B in Ventura! At this current moment we are having a sale of $5 per quart bottle! 


Sláinte (slawn-cha) = Cheers

May’s Cleaner of the Month award and winner of the $50 grand prize goes to… Rocelia Vences!

Rocelia Vences is an amazing cleaner and someone you can depend on! Although she only started working along with Kelly Cleaning in December of last year, she has already been making waves in terms of her excellent service! Let’s give it up to Rocelia! Sláinte!

What Moms Want

We can’t even begin to thank our Mothers enough for all of their hard work and dedication that they provided for us when we were younger. From the moment we were born to now, we will always be seen as their baby. 

So, how do we show our appreciation to the one that gave us everything and turned us into the people that we are today? Here are a few options that will surely bring a smile to your Mother’s face:

If none of those things are feasible or possible, the one thing that a mother truly wants is your time. In most cases the most valuable thing that you can give someone is your time and attention. Too often we are busy doing something that takes us away from loved ones, and that is the one thing that we can’t take back. So, show some love and appreciation and spend time with the one that gave you life!

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