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Large solar panels on rooftop of modern comfortable house or cottage in natural environment

Do you need to clean your solar panels?

Renewable energy has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Relying solely on depletable fuel sources is both harmful to the environment and unsustainable in the long run. Therefore, people are turning to renewable energy sources, the most common of which are solar, wind, and water. However, windmills and hydropower systems are not commonly installed on homes or business buildings. Solar panels, on the other hand, are a great investment for both homes and businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and take advantage of natural energy sources. Like any investment, there are some steps that should be taken to keep your solar panels working as effectively as when you first bought them, which includes regular cleaning.

What environmental factors affect my solar panels?

The decision to get your solar panels cleaned is heavily dependent on your region. For many regions, dust is minimal and rain comes often enough that people can get away without cleaning their solar panels for a long time. However, in Ventura County, we have many environmental factors that negatively affect solar panels. Dust, ash, smog, sand, and dirt are all particles that collect on the panels and inhibit their energy production. We have strong winds that spread debris around and allow them to get onto your solar panels. Whereas other regions can rely on rain to regularly wash away any buildup, Ventura County gets an average annual rainfall of 17 inches, which is less than half the average for the entire U.S. Sea spray in coastal areas will adhere to glass and form a crust that can be difficult to get off. Bird droppings can obstruct the solar cells and disrupt the flow of power. Based on all of these environmental factors, we recommend that solar panel owners get their panels cleaned once or twice a year.

How does cleaning help?

Cleaning can restore solar panels to their original efficiency and shine. A small amount of dirt may only reduce the output of your panels by 5%, but more dirt can reduce this by up to 20%. In Ventura County, the average savings from solar panels in 20 years is around $49,000. If your solar panels accumulate a considerable amount of debris, you could lose $9,800 over 20 years or $490 per year. By having your solar panels cleaned regularly, you can keep your panels working at optimal efficiency.

Who can I trust to clean my solar panels?

You can trust Kelly! We have technicians who are trained in cleaning solar panels and are qualified to do a thorough job. Since most solar panels are installed on roofs, cleaning them can be a dangerous job. Our technicians are properly equipped with safety gear to ensure their safety as well as the safety of your panels. We use specialized telescopic tools to reach all areas on your solar panels. These industrial strength poles are fitted with a cleaning brush connected to a solution line, which gives our technicians full control over the water and solution and allows them to provide full coverage.

Kelly Cleaning will clean your solar panels fully, efficiently, and safely. Call us at (805) 644-5308 for more information or to schedule a solar panel cleaning.