On July 27, we were asked to clean heater vents that were connected to two furnaces. The homeowner in Ventura had a pristine white carpet throughout the house. The carpet was so well kept that it seemed like it was installed the day before. When in actuality the carpet was 19 years old! Our cleaning crew did everything in their power to keep the carpet as clean as possible. Anytime we go into a person’s home or business, we’re very careful to respect all surfaces, furniture, and items. In this case we laid down blankets to catch all of the falling debris and dust that could’ve possibly stained the carpet! Our cleaning crew also wore Shoe Booties to ensure that the carpet would stay clean.

Roto-Brush Vent Cleaning

There was a considerable amount of dust and dirt lying in the entry ways of the horizontal vents. This is typical in most homes, but sometimes if you live in a very windy region like Ventura the problem can be more severe than other places in California. We use a cleaning device called the Roto-Brush for vent cleaning applications. The powerful 300 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) vacuum and the 450 RPM rotating brush is extremely efficient and thoroughly removes dust, dirt, and debris from vents and airways.

Eliminating Bacteria Post Vent Cleaning

The ventilation tubing was flexible so we moved tubing to allow the brush and vacuum hose to reach all the way to the furnace, making sure that we cleaned the whole ventilation system. After cleaning out the entire ventilation system, we generally either used our own Goolie Gobbler, a chemical that has natural enzymes to eliminate bacteria, or another eco friendly chemical which is similar with less odor and fragrance. Once the vent were clean and clear we vacuumed the little mess they left on the carpet and dusted the surfaces that the Tech, debris and dust touched. Some companies charge extra for post cleaning work. This could be because other companies leave a significant mess and cleaning up actually adds a lot of time to the job. We’re careful to limit the mess we create, and we clean as we go, so making sure you can’t tell we were ever there (except for the area we cleaned, of course) is easy, and we consider it part of the job.

Cleaning Up Residual Debris

The customer was a bit nervous having people come into her house and clean her heater vents, having never used our service before. She thought that the Kelly technicians would come in and make a mess of both her amazingly clean carpet and the heater vents. She was surprised how professional we were as cleaners. We explained to her that all the debris and dust that floats through the vents are horrible for people who have allergies, and that cleaning out the vents should help her with her allergy problems in the morning and throughout the rest of the day.

Contact Us For More Information About Vent Cleaning

We recommend that heater vents and air conditioning units should be cleaned annually for people with allergies, or every three years for people without allergies. There is a noticeable difference in air quality once a ventilation system is cleaned even after one year of built up dust and debris. If you live in Ventura County and have allergies, or you can’t recall the last time your home had its vents clean, please Contact Us for more information about our vent cleaning service.