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As the days get colder, you’re going to be using your heaters, fireplaces, and furnaces more. The more you use your fireplaces and furnaces, the more you’ll notice smokey, stale odors in the air. How do you get rid of these particular odors? Well, naturally, we have the solution.

First, clean the smoke residue with Blarney Buster, rinse with clear water, and then apply Goolie Gobbler. Goolie Gobbler is made of a specially bred enzyme and bacterial cultures that attack and break down uric acid molecules in urine and the live organisms in smoke.

Basically, the solution actually digests the particles that make up the odors, the same way that nature does. It works quickly and efficiently to gobble up all the particles that cause odors in your carpets, drapes and air ducts. It can even take smoke odor out of fabrics and clothing. The best part? It does all this with zero environmental impact. It couldn’t be simpler!

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