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Commercial Cleaning Ventura

Complete Commercial Cleaning services in Ventura

Kelly Cleaning & Supplies, Inc. prides itself in being the best commercial cleaning service provider in Ventura County and the Santa Barbara area. Kelly Cleaning has over 43 years of experience in professional janitorial services. For Kelly there is no office too big or small. We enjoy making our customers happy and creating long lasting business relationships. Kelly Cleaning has customers it has been servicing for over 30+ years and is enjoying many multi-generational business relationships with these customers.
If you need janitorial services for your commercial building, give Kelly Cleaning a call. We will create a custom cleaning program for all of your commercial cleaning needs!

Floor Cleaning Services

It’s amazing to see the change in how the floor looks. VCT Floor cleaning services are a must if you plan on having your business’s appearance look professional and clean.

Shamrock Shiner is the ultimate floor wax. It's a green cleaning chemical that is environmentally conscious but still strong enough for any task.

Kelly Cleaning can do so much more than the rudimentary cleaning. Kelly Cleaning offers specialized services such as:

Kelly Cleaning also offers a Quality Assurance Program that ensures you receive nothing but the best cleaning and customer service in all of Ventura County and Santa Barbara County! In our Quality Assurance Program each location will receive:
This type of mess is more common than most would think.
Kelly Cleaning has powerful floor cleaning machines to make your commercial floors to go from this to
This! Kelly Cleaning is able to make your business floor look amazing.
If you decide to utilize our janitorial services or commercial services, then you will receive a discounted price for regular floor maintenance
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This commercial floor hadn't been cleaned in over a decade.
The owners thought that it was permanently damaged. Kelly Cleaning performed it's floor maintenance service and the floors came out amazing.
Kelly Cleanings Wee Bonnie Stripper and Shamrock Shine are the ultimate floor service combo.
The green clean chemicals are environmentally conscious but still strong enough for the toughest jobs.
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Each one of these roles are vital to the success of Kelly Cleaning’s Quality Assurance program and is also the reason why we are the best commercial cleaning company in Ventura County and Santa Barbara areas.