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Protecting the environment is more important than ever, and many businesses have adjusted their products accordingly. Still, it can be difficult to recognize products that won’t harm the environment, which is why so many businesses use labels like “green” and “eco-friendly.” But what do these terms mean, and how do you know they’re truly safe for the planet?

As a commercial cleaning company with over 40 years’ experience, Kelly Cleaning recognizes the importance of cleaning solutions that won’t harm the environment or your health. In this article, we discuss what makes a cleaning product “green” or environmentally safe.

The truth behind the label

Unlike some other popular labeling terms such as “natural,” the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates eco-friendly marketing. In fact, due to the boom in popularity of environmentally friendly products, the FTC updated its guidelines for such terms in 2012. Their regulations not only protect consumers from dishonest marketing, but also shine some light on what these labels represent.


When it comes to environmentally-friendly cleaning products, the biggest concern for most people is the use of safe ingredients. Many popular cleaning products are labeled with warnings that they are hazardous, and these toxic chemicals often end up in the water supply, landfills, or the air of your home. Eco-friendly companies make a point to use ingredients that are recognized as safe for both the planet and human health.


Reducing landfill buildup is another major issue to consider. Eco-friendly cleaning products typically use recycled, plant-based, and/or biodegradable materials to package their products. According to the FTC’s guidelines, anything labeled “biodegradable” has to break down completely within a year.


The manufacturing process is perhaps the least visible, yet one of the most important qualities to look for when it comes to green cleaners. The FTC requires that eco-friendly companies consider every aspect of the manufacturing process, including the environmental impact of long-distance shipping. Some environmentally-friendly brands even use solar energy to create their products.


Whether it’s cutting back on the waste they produce or using safer ingredients, consumers think much more these days about their impact on the world, and that extends to cleaning products. Hazardous chemicals were once considered necessary in cleaning products, but the effectiveness of green cleaners on the market today prove otherwise.

At Kelly Cleaning, we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment, and our goal is to use eco-friendly technology and Green Seal Certified cleaning products for all of our services. To learn more about our philosophy or to request a quote, click here.