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Large commercial spaces like retail stores and densely populate office buildings often have thousands of square feet of carpeted floor. This carpet is typically of very high quality, usually nylon and polypropylene fibers, and of course coming in a huge variety of colors and patterns. There is a lot of variation in the dye method and backing of the carpet, and some of these variables can affect the long terms durability of the carpet, but we want to focus on the unique carpet cleaning issues facing commercial spaces.

Long term carpet durability and lifespace can depend on several factors, including the carpet fiber material, dye technique, and backing, but the number one factor that will provide long carpet life is the method of cleaning. Certain type of carpets or even carpets from particular manufacturers like Philly Queen Commercial Carpet, Mannington Commercial, and Patcraft, can have superior levels of color retention, stain and wear resistance, but using an low quality cleaning service or cleaning solution on a beautiful (and expensive) commercial carpet will cause it to wear faster, diminish its appearance much quicker, eradicate its built-in ability to resist staining, and ultimately shorten the life of the carpet.

Many of these commercial carpets are beautiful, constructed amazingly well, and add a terrific ambiance to a commercial space. Nothing ties a room together like a tastefully selected carpet, and carpeting from top manufacturers like Mannington Commercial, Patcraft, and Queen Commercial Carpet require a significant investment from the business installing them, particularly for very large spaces.

When you have invested in the best commercial carpet in your office space, it’s only natural to use the highest quality professional cleaning service available to clean the carpet, maintain its like new appearance, and preserve it as the cornerstone of the commercial space’s interior for years to come. Low quality carpet cleaning services can do more harm than good, and with each cleaning compromise the integrity of the carpet. This is much like how washing an expensive piece of clothing against its cleaning guidelines can completely ruin the garment within a handful of washes. Many people who adhere strictly to wash guidelines may have clothing that looks nice for many years.

Kelly Clean in Ventura is professionally equipped with a van mounted and powered carpet steam cleaning system. This steam powered system is incredibly advanced, highly effective, and gentle on your carpet. We can remove everything from mild discoloration to severe residue, heavy build up, and deep staining. Contact us for a free carpet cleaning quote or to schedule an appointment in Ventura and Santa Barbara County.