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The type of fabric a carpet is made from affects the way the carpet handles foot traffic, wear and tear, and resists or absorbs staining. Most popular carpets use one of several types of popular carpet fibers, and each carpet fiber has different advantages and abilities to resist staining from certain substances and dirt.

Carpets are usually made from the following material:

  • Nylon carpet fiber most expensive
  • Acrylic carpet fiber
  • Polyester carpet fiber cheapest
  • Wool carpet fiber
  • Cotton carpet fiber
  • Olefin carpet fiber

Some of these carpet materials are fragile and may tear easily while others may soak up residues and oils more easily. Each carpet material has its drawbacks, so picking the right carpet based on the location it’s being installed in is important.

Nylon is generally an expensive carpet, and most of the time it’s the most durable and stain resistant carpet. Not all carpets made from the same materials are equal. There can be variances of different types of nylon carpet (for example) and how the nylon carpet is constructed. Nylon is common in more than half of all carpeting because it’s strong, doesn’t stain easily, doesn’t damage easily, and it’s a carpet which doesn’t reveal much staining.

Olefin carpet is becoming popular because it’s affordable. Olefin carpet is one of the most stain resistant carpets available. Due to the way olefin carpet is colored it is able to retain its color and can handle sunlight and cleaning products without fading. Olefin carpet is fairly fragile and can damage or tear easier than other types of carpet. The affordability and ease of cleaning make olefin (also called polypropylene carpet) a popular carpet choice.

Polyester is typically the most expensive carpet. Polyester carpet can come in the largest amount of colors, and doesn’t stain or fade easily. Polyester carpet does damage easily though, showing the “flattened” appearance you may recognize from aged carpets.

Wool carpet looks interesting and luxurious. It is generally the most desirable carpet, and it is also the most expensive carpet. Wool carpet is durable, is not prone to staining, and looks beautiful. Cheaper synthetic carpet fibers are designed to perform like wool carpet, but all synthetic carpet fiber has some drawbacks wool does not have. Because wool is a natural fiber, it does require careful cleaning, and if you’ve invested in wool carpeting in your home then we strongly suggest professional carpet cleaning to protect it. Wool is the best carpet, but it’s also the highest maintenance carpet as well. It is actually more common to see wool rugs in a home than an actual wool carpet installation. Even wool has its own drawbacks, such as moisture absorption and shrinking.

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