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Carpet steam cleaning – Ventura, CA

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best methods for cleaning carpets in your home or office. Steam cleaning uses very hot water to remove dirt and most stains, and steam cleaning is safe for most carpets. The combination of very hot clean water with a cleaning mixture free of soaps penetrates carpet fabrics and deteriorates dirt and residue which causes stains. Dirt and residue are lifted from the carpet as the hot water and cleaning mixture are removed. Steam cleaning is generally the safest and most effective cleaning method for most carpets because it doesn’t leave behind residual substances which can absorb dirt. Steam cleaning cleans your carpet and helps it stay clean.

Removing Stains From Carpets

Our Ventura Steam Cleaning service is highly effective at removing most stains from your carpets, but some carpet fabrics can be permanently stained. Whether a particular stain will be removed by steam cleaning the carpet depends on the type of carpet fabric, how long the carpet has been installed, how much traffic the carpet experiences, and the type of dirt or residue which stained the carpet. Our carpet cleaners will inspect any questionable stains before steam cleaning the carpet. Even after a professional steam cleaning, some stains may not be completely removed from the carpet. If heavy oils, resins, or tars are present, please contact us to discuss the best treatment method for your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Extends The Life Of Your Carpet

The best way to keep your carpet looking brilliant and new is to have it steam cleaned before it becomes highly soiled or stained. As dirt and oils are allowed to set into carpet fibers, the chance for permanent staining increases. Homes with pets, children, and high traffic over carpets require more frequent cleaning to keep carpets fresh. Carpets are known to harbor dander and dust which can aggravate allergies. In addition to frequent vacuuming, steam cleaning carpets twice per year greatly reduces allergens.

Schedule Steam Cleaning For Your Carpets In Ventura County

Kelly Clean is your best option for carpet cleaning in Ventura County. We provide a very high level of care, attention to fine detail, and professionalism with all of our cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or for more information about our carpet cleaning service in Ventura County.