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Have you ever dusted your house only to see a thin layer of dust reappear mere moments after you just finished? This Kelly Technician is definitely understanding of that situation. Watch him as he fights a losing battle in this game of who will prevail!
The technician soon finds out why the dust comes back onto his shiny piano so quickly, and it’s due to dirty air ducts. Air ducts circulate the air within a house and they are a wonderful invention that makes our homes feel comfortable. But, every few years we recommend that you have your air ducts inspected to see if they are in need of cleaning.
We here at Kelly Cleaning have seen many things floating around in air ducts, everything from the usual dirt, dust, and pollen, to much more sinister things like mold and rodent infestations. No need to fear, Kelly Cleaning is here and we are eager to use our top of the line air duct cleaning devices!
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