We recently completed an air duct cleaning job in a private home located on Anchors Way in Ventura, California. This specific air duct cleaning had 12 vents that the we were asked to clean. The owner of the home thought there was a smell of mold coming from his air ducts and he wanted us to find the smell and eliminate it. After a thorough inspection of the entire ventilation system, it was found that there was no mold but, there was a large amount of dirt and debris. Dirt and debris can harbor bacteria, and this is often what causes the unpleasant odors some people mistake for mold. Whether mold is present or not, dirt and debris blowing through the air ducts is a nightmare for a customer with allergies, and should be thoroughly cleaned and removed.

After arriving at the the customer’s house, they inspected the ventilation system with their Roto-Vision equipment. This professional inspection equipment has a camera attached to a long cable which connects to a TV monitor. The monitor allows the Techs to see everything inside the ducts. After showing the customer all of the debris and dust inside the ducts they assured him they would be able to eradicate the smell.

After the inspection, the team moved on to the Rotobrush, the machine that is used to clean the ducts. The Rotobrush is a powerful vacuum with a hose connected to a rotating brush. This brush spins at 450 RPM (revolutions per minute), and the HEPA filtration system of the vacuum is able to filter out 99.97% of all contamination and all that is left is .3 microns of contamination.

This specific job had different size vents, ranging from the average size vent to a 3”x 6” vent port, and of course we have all the different sizes of equipment for any job. After we finished cleaning all of the vents we finished with the last portion of the job which is the furnace. This is where most of the contamination is found. We use a specific chemical called Goolie Gobbler. Goolie Gobbler is composed of specially bred enzyme cultures that break down uric acid molecules. The enzymes digest the source, just like nature does. This chemical works very quickly, in mere minutes rather than days or weeks, with zero environmental impact. This chemical along with the Rotobrush is a match made in heaven for cleaning furnaces.

We left the job site with a spotless ventilation system and a happy customer who doesn’t have to worry about dust and other bacteria blowing through his house. We recommend that a person should have their air ducts cleaned every three years, but for people who suffer from allergies, we recommend that the air ducts be cleaned annually.