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Air duct cleaning: Do you have low indoor air quality?

The air duct system in your home acts as the lungs of the entire home – it breathes in and breathes out, and the majority of the air your family breathes has passed through its chambers. Many families in the United States have actually never had the air ducts in their home cleaned during their occupation of their current home. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a previous owner or tenant hasn’t had the ducts cleaned at some point, but it’s a helpful way to highlight the fact that air duct cleaning is simply an often overlooked part of home maintenance.

Cleaning for air cannals, heating, and cooling system circuits.

Air duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of the heating and cooling system circuits and the chambers through which air passes through the home. Some homeowners may overlook the maintenance and cleaning of their air ducts simply because they rarely use the heater or air conditioner in their home. This is particularly true in an area like Ventura County. Because summer months are fairly mild except for a few hot streaks during the end of the summer, most homes get by with opening windows or using fans to keep the house cool, and many homes in the local area actually don’t have air conditioners. Ventura County in many areas doesn’t really get cold enough to need the heater until the middle of fall. But just because these systems aren’t getting used on a regular basis doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be periodically cleaned.

Stagnant air duct passages collect debris and materials.

When air ducts are sitting stagnant for two or three seasons, dust, allergens, and debris accumulates in these passages. Pet dander, mildew, smoke from things like incense, candles, and cooking, all can collect in your home’s air ducts. When it is finally time to use the heater, these materials are stirred up and create an irritating, unhealthy pollutant in your home’s air. In some cases, if you’re not having your ducts cleaned seasonally or on some kind of periodic schedule, it would actually be more healthy if your heating or cooling was run regularly because the ducts wouldn’t be sitting idle.

The increasing consideration for indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality is a concept that has received more attention in recent years, but most people are not well informed about the causes and effects of indoor pollution. Signature symptoms of poor indoor air quality are irritation for individuals with asthma and allergies, frequent headaches and coughs, and a general stuffy or sticky feeling. Because the air ducts are out of sight, they’re generally overlooked as the cause of these sensations. Kelly Cleaning uses the RotoVision system by RotoVantage to examine the air ducts in your home. Before we clean the ducts, we can show you the build up of material, then we’ll be able to show you the ducts following the cleaning. The difference before and after our professional duct cleaning service is not subtle, particularly if there’s a large build up of debris.

Air duct cleaning helps identify the source of low indoor air quality.

Some people recognize that the home’s air doesn’t feel fresh, so they may do things like vacuum and dust the entire house aggressively, invest in several air purifiers, use fans and open windows to cycle air through the home, and even remove all carpeting and rugs to install hardwood flooring. Cleaning your home and letting in fresh air is always helpful, but if despite all of these efforts these after effects of low air quality are still present, the air ducts may need to be examine as the source of the debris.

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We’re a member of the RotoBrush’s RotoVantage network. RotoBrush is a premier manufacturer of duct cleaning equipment, and membership in their network is a strong endorsement of our expertise in duct cleaning and indoor air quality. Please contact us for more information about our air duct cleaning service if you’re experiencing allergies, uncomfortable breathing, or noticeable issues with the air quality in your home.