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Rapid Response Remedial Cleaning Services in Ventura County

Cleaning Services in Ventura County and the Santa Barbara Area

Having a spotlessly clean and thoroughly disinfected office, home, or construction clean-up at a job site has never been more important.
Trust Ventura and Santa Barbara County’s cleaning professionals to keep your loved ones, employees, and customers safe with a 100% sanitized environment.

Read all about our Rapid Response Covid-19 Cleaning at Thacher School in Ojai, CA

Kelly Cleaning is an important part of Thacher’s Covid-19 prevention strategy, and our Rapid Response team of specialists will be on the campus 7 days per week using the latest high tech electrostatic misting equipment and EPA approved disinfecting chemicals throughout the school, campus and its’ Bon Appetit restaurant.

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Vol. 34 February 09, 2024

Cleaning services Ventura.
At Kelly Cleaning, we take pride in transforming warehouses into pristine havens of cleanliness and efficiency. Our dedicated technicians are equipped with the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks.

Our Current Special Offers and Products

Rapid Response Remedial Cleaning Team

Re-Opening your business?? Win the war against the virus which causes COVID-19.

Kelly Ultimate Rug Spa Service

Our experience with all types of rugs and fabrics ensures great results every time

Electrostatic Sprayers

Our sprayers are the new standard in sanitizing and disinfecting any environment.

The Kelly Ultimate Rug Spa is Kelly Cleaning’s specialized department excelling in area rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Kelly Cleaning created the Ultimate Rug Spa due to the increased demand in both area rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We heard what customers were asking for and decided the best way to serve our customers was to create a department solely dedicated to these services.

After 2 years of acquiring our new building and dealing with some difficulties of recent events, Kelly Cleaning was able to get the Ultimate Rug Spa constructed and open to the public in June 2022. Since our opening in June we have served many of our loyal, repeat and new customers. We’d like to again thank everyone that has utilized our services and has enjoyed their time at the Spa!
Check out our step by step Rug cleaning process
Kelly Ultimate Rug Spa is the only specialized area rug cleaning company in Ventura County and surrounding areas with state of the art rug cleaning equipment and with decades of experience in the industry. Our advanced rug cleaning equipment was imported from Istanbul, Turkey, taking 8 months to make the journey across the oceans just to serve the people of Ventura County and surrounding areas.
We mention our location because the nearest company equipped with this technology is in Los Angeles and further North near Silicon Valley. These companies also charge a premium fee and have a very long turnaround. With Kelly Ultimate Rug Spa your rug’s stay at the spa will be over before you even miss your rug!

Book a day for your rug at the Ultimate Rug Spa and we will guarantee that your rug will say ahhh…. Give us a call at (805) 644-0846 or email us at if you have any questions about pricing or our rug cleaning process. Or check out our website at to learn more about the spa and our services.

Michael HeldMichael Held
22:06 07 Oct 22
A huge thank you to Carlos and Omar from Kelly that did the best job ever cleaning my carpet. They were very informative, professional and polite as well.....thank you.
Edyn Fisher PeakesEdyn Fisher Peakes
18:17 19 Sep 22
The Kelly Cleaning team did an amazing job with our house that was under a major remodel. They showed up on time and were done so quick! We are very happy with their services, cleaning and excellent customer service. we will recommend Kelly Cleaning to everyone! And we will be using them again once our outside construction is done! Use them, you won't be dissapointed!
Fran VigneFran Vigne
18:07 29 Aug 22
Omar did a great job. He is polite, hardworking, punctual, respectful and responsible. Thank you, Omar.
Annette CuiltyAnnette Cuilty
22:24 26 Aug 22
I called Kelly Cleaning Service to clean my dryer vent, Antonio and Omar came out the next day. They were both friendly, efficient and professional and explained everything in detail. 100% satisfied with their service! I recommend asking for Antonio and Omar when scheduling service with Kelly.
Kevin VanAckerKevin VanAcker
21:43 19 Aug 22
We always use Kelly Cleaning for our post construction cleaning. They show up on schedule and have the workforce to complete every job to complete satisfaction. Clients are always extremely pleased with the work they perform.

Kelly Clean is Ready to Serve You - Let those challenging times pass, let's get ready for the good times to start happening with well trained, experienced professionals!

Green Seal Certified At Kelly Cleaning
Commercial cleaning Ventura can take care of your dryer vent cleaning.
We believe that working toward a cleaner environment is our responsibility!

Our goal is to use and sell products that can be used safely in your home or workplace for a long time with little or no negative impact on you, your surroundings.

We stock cleaning products that have no scent, no artificial coloring, and when flushed down a drain, bring harm to the environment. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, an unmatched quality assurance program helps reduce your household’s impact, and as a professional cleaning company serving thousands of customers, having Green Seal Certified products allows us to reduce our environmental impact drastically.

All products are subjected to rigorous testing and strict evaluation before being used on our cleaning projects or sold to the public. There are other cleaning companies in Ventura County, but having a dedicated line of cleaning products helps establish us as the premier provider of commercial cleaning.

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Office cleaning Ventura does not miss out on cleaning air ducts.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Are you struggling to get your damp clothes dried after running your dryer multiple times? Well, this Kelly Technician has too and he is fed up with wet rags not being dried. In this video, watch as our technician struggles against his dryer! He eventually decides to inspect what the problem is and he finds out that his dryer vent is clogged. Kelly Cleaning recommends that dryer vents should be cleaned on an annual basis

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